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All-in-One Wholesale & Drop Shipping Distribution System

All-in-One Wholesale & Drop Shipping Distribution System

A customer centric solution in which accurate and fast fulfillment is a priority.

  • Grow your business by integrating flexible e-commerce capabilities
  • Upgrade your ERP systems to provide close integration to online stores. Provide modern supply management capabilities saving money on operating efficiencies
  • Automate the supply process by connecting directly to major suppliers and update your customer throughout the entire process

E-commerce has created a big market opportunity for most distribution companies, the number of people buying online has duplicated year over year which makes this $40 Billion dollar market very attractive to most wholesalers. At the same time the need for modern back end systems capable of directly integrating with online stores while at the some time connecting electronically with suppliers is a must for business efficiency.

SPOCSYS has created an all-in-one wholesale solution with OpenSource technology that provides all the advantages of flexibility and cost while seamlessly integrating all the components needed for an end to end experience the all-in-one solutions includes:

  • Full Flown e-commerce store customized to customer's requirements no restrictions on how to be more competitive throughout the store
  • Modern and Agil ERP system , award winning , web based to handle all finances, purchase, sales, inventories.
  • Business to Business connectors to electronically transact with master suppliers and automate the supply process with full feedback to the end user at the time of order, shipping and finally billing.
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