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About Us

About Us

SPOCSYS offers, to small and mid-size companies, affordable and flexible enterprise business solutions based on Open Source and Web technology. The recent maturity of Open Source enterprise software enables companies to benefit from customized enterprise solutions that, until recently, were only affordable to large corporations. We partner with our customers to deliver customized solutions, ongoing support and training to help them save money and make money through business efficiencies with technology. SPOCSYS offers some of the industry leading Open Source business solution in ERP, CRM, POS, E-commerce, E-Learning, and Document Management. 

We are experts in Open Source solutions. Our team is composed of all former Sun Microsystems executives from US, Latin America and Europe, with years of experience implementing Open Source technology and enterprise solutions to corporations. We now leverage our expertise to bring robust business solutions to the small and mid-size companies.

We have direct presence in US and Latin America with offices in California, Washington D.C., Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and México.

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