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POS for Retail

POS for Retail

Point of Sales Systems

Our Point of Sales System is ideal for stores, restaurants or business who wish to take control of their accounting and inventory all integrated. With the ability to use touch screens and bar codes its use is extremely friendly and easy to learn. If you wish to grow to more stores with a central system, the integration with the ERP system is transparent which guarantees the investment made.

Openbravo Retail

One of the fastest growing industries of modern times, the retail sector, demands all the flourishing retailers across the globe to stay abreast with the latest advancements in technology. A retail management system that efficiently optimizes the performance of your business by integrating the store details, supply chain and the overall retail operation is the need of the hour.

Here’s a one-stop solution for medium-scale retailers that does just that and guarantees a competitive edge globally. Openbravo Retail has a marked presence in over 6000 companies worldwide and has become a pronounced reason for their success.

Why Openbravo Retail?

  • Openbravo Retail is designed bearing in mind the swift pace of technology and the current day challenges faced by retailers.
  • It provides a consistent buying experience for your customers across multiple channels ranging from mobile phones to e-commerce.
  • It manages the complexities involved in multichannel retailing viz. data management, pricing, promotion and procurement locally as well as globally.
  • Strong architecture, vivid functions, easy adaptability, competitive cost, and feasible implementation make Openbravo retail a perfect choice.
  • It provides a comprehensive coverage of functions to manage operations ranging from warehouse to distribution centers and from multichannel to head office, presenting you with an absolute and unique picture of your business.

What Are Its Benefits?

Openbravo retail offers benefits in various areas of your business:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Enables consistent multichannel positioning, pricing and promotion of any product.
  • Efficient product performance evaluation across stores at various locations
  • Facilitates easy management of multiple products at one go
  • Enables rapid launch of a new product
  • Provides support for wholesaler tasks
  • Finance
  • Ease of reviewing financial performance of stores across multiple locations
  • Procurement
  • Enables adequate and efficient planning for purchase to maintain sufficient stock level
  • E-Commerce
  • Timely online order fulfilment
  • Easy integration of store and online supply chain
  • Accurate online visibility of product availability

Additionally, Openbravo Retail has a host of benefits for your warehouse management, human resource management, efficient physical store operation and your business IT requirements.

What Are its Unique Features?

Openbravo Retail presents the retail sector with a retail management system with 3 inimitable features:

  • Unified Store Visibility

Its centralized web POS provides you with real time and seamless visibility of inventory, sales and revenue position and their analysis with powerful reporting tools.

  • Modular Choice

It gives an option to either deploy the entire Openbravo retail package or integrate its revolutionary tablet based version to your existing back office system.

  • Future Proof Retail

It provides a range of hardware choices and has an allowance for future technological upgrades, taking into account the extremely dynamic nature of the retail sector.

Why think twice about taking your business to new heights? The success of your business need not have an upper limit and Openbravo Retail is a global testimony to the same. Get in touch to revolutionize your retail business operation forever and turn your vision into reality.

  • Fits on every device

Latest technology involved

Painless migration

The system is configured to provide efficient operations fast. All customer data is loaded and the system configured so that it is operational from day one. Basic user and administration training, 3 hours each. Support is provided via e-mail and community forums with 12 service tickets a year, service is limited to software.

  • Initial System Installation (On Cloud or Own Premises )
  • Initial System Configuration to Customer's Specifications
  • Initial Data Load
  • POS Functional Training (2 hours)
  • Year Maintenance ( 12 service tickets included)

Other Point of Sales Services

1) ERP – Point of Sales integration

2) Openbravo's POS Functional Training per user

3) Maintenance on demand per site per year

4) Consulting Services per hour

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