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Openbravo On Demand

Openbravo On Demand

Openbravo has taken a giant leap into the future of ERP with the launch of Openbravo On Demand. With this addition to its already impressive portfolio, Openbravo has enabled its partners to avail of its Openbravo 3 Prefessional Edition for a monthly fee based on the number of activeusers.

What Is Openbravo On Demand?

  • Openbravo On Demand is a deployment option exclusively designed for Openbravo’s partners.
  • It enables you to register your customers and make available a dedicated instance of Openbravo on a virtual server employing the latest cloud technology.

What Are the Range of Services offered?
A state-of-the-art web-based ERP, Openbravo On Demand, offers the following services:

  • The users can access a preconfigured instance of the software operating on a virtual server.
  • The users benefit from a flexible architecture that monitors the usage and accordingly scales the capacity of the software.
  • Automatic installation of the Professional Edition activation key on the provisioned instance.
  • The users can connect to the On Demand platform and the Professional Edition of Openbravo via a secure HTTPS connection
  • Online backup of the system
  • Latest updates on technology
  • Real-time server access

What Are Its Functionalities?

  • Intuitive User Interface

The intelligent and up-to-the-minute design enables Openbravo On Demand to provide a unique ERP experience.

  • Anywhere Access

It provides the users with the flexibility of access to the Openbravo service from any remote location.

  • Lower IT Overhead

Being cost-effective, Openbravo On Demand reduces your business IT costs significantly compared to similar premium services in the market.

  • Customizable Workspace

Users can customize Openbravo On Demand exactly as an Openbravo Professional Edition version. However, Openbravo recommends implementing customizations only as modular extensions and not at the core.

  • Parallel Productivity

All the users on the system experience the same level of productivity with this service

  • Spreadsheet-style Familiarity

Users feel a comfort level using this service due to its spreadsheet-style interface

  • Customizable Reporting

The users get the benefit of preparing and accessing customized reports

  • Support multiple Divisions

It supports several divisions across your business.

  • Multi-currency Support

This service is designed for a globally competitive environment with support for multiple currencies across the world

  • Easy File Attachments

The users experience extreme ease and convenience while attaching files on Openbravo On Demand.

Openbravo On Demand service is the effort of partnership between Openbravo and Stratus5 that uses Amazon EC2 for hosting. With this service, partners need to register a minimum of 3 users at a monthly fee of 39€ or $49 dollars per user. Also, this service comes with no contractual commitment.

With a guarantee of 99.9% uptime on a yearly basis and no-vendor lock in, Openbravo On Demand has set a new benchmark in the ERP solutions industry. Get started with placing your customers on the On Demand platform and we will ensure that they experience the best service in the industry. Call us at 1-888-885-8865 or visit our website for more information.

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