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ERP & MRP for Manufacturing Companies

ERP & MRP for Manufacturing Companies

Save Money with our Manufacturing System

  • Are you looking for a system that enables you to estimate the raw materials needed to meet the production plan?
  • Do you need to know the detailed, real cost elements of a final product?
  • Would you like to know in real time the stock position of raw materials, finished products, etc. in each warehouse and consolidated among your warehouses?

Increase Efficiencies and Production levels: : Obtain integration and management of all your areas and processes. Achieve better planning and management of your resources (materials, technical, human). Minimize effects of missing materials in the manufacturing process. Make better decisions knowing real production costs of final products. Know your real stock position by warehouse, as well as total positions across your various warehouses. Use 
a MRP (Materials Requirements Planning) to carryout the planning of production. Be able to easily and constantly measure real performance vs. objectives.

Integrated:As part of the ERP system, the manufacturing module is integrated with the rest of the organizations, such as purchasing, sales, warehouses, finance and accounting, enabling information to be synchronized in real time across the organization. Web based. Remote administration.

Flexible: Allows you to model the productive structure of your organization, as well as that of your relevant data for the production. Designed for complex manufacturing and corporate environments, supporting multi-currency, multiple accounting schemes, international bank account numbers,

Recommended Solution: Integrated ERP

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