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ERP for Project Management (Construction and Services)

ERP for Project Management (Construction and Services)

Designed for Construction Industry for a better Project - Cost Management

  • Manage profit, cost and budget of projects and services.
  • Control time and costs during the projects life.
  • Different reports for profitability control.
  • Web based system - access anytime, anywhere.
  • Manage sales, quotations, purchasing, warehouse, projects, finance and accounting.

Increase Efficiencies:Optimize the planning of resources, control of expenses, payments and timeframes, which are automatically updated with actual data, bringing greater efficiencies and operational flexibility.

Integrated: As part of the ERP, the module of "project and services management" is totally integrated with the rest of the company, resulting in automatic updates of information regarding budgets, phases, activities, costs, purchases associated with every project or service. All relevant activities are automatically reflected in the Finance & Accounting Departments.

Flexible: System is highly accessible and flexible. Can be easily configured and adapted. Scalable and developed to be installed in multi-national and multi-client environments. Web based. Remote management.

Recommended Solution: Integrated ERP System

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