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ERP for Distribution Companies

ERP for Distribution Companies

Designed for Distribution Companies for a better Inventory Control

  • Web based system - access anytime, anywhere.
  • Maximum and Minimum inventory reports.
  • Management of products, cost and margins.
  • Easy adoption of Bar Code solution.
  • Manage sales, quotations, purchasing, multiple warehouses, finance and accounting.

Increase Productivity: Control of entire sales process, from generating forecasts to paying sales commissions. Visibility in real time of centralized information of inventory in all warehouses. Efficient inventory management by cataloguing every item in warehouse and monitoring every movement of inventory. Avoid errors from manual entries by automating operations such as purchase orders, invoicing, inventory valuations. Reduce costs by managing actual value, availability, location and perishable dates of every item in inventory with help of automatic alarms.

Integrated: As part of ERP, information is synchronized with all the departments (purchasing, sales, warehouse, finance & accounting). All operations are immediately reflected in accounting and management systems, reducing operational costs and manual errors. lectronic invoice is generated automatically when product is delivered. Option to integrate to ERP the Openbravo POS, ensuring continuous information flow between warehouses and subsidiaries.

Flexibility: Capable of handling more than a million items, multiple warehouses, multiple currencies and numerous price lists. Warehouse is structured to unit level and by variable (origin, location, perishable dates). Offers effective monitoring of inventory through alarms of key data defined by user. Web based. Remote management

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