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Moodle e-Learning System

Moodle e-Learning System

E-Learning Systems

We have assembled ready to go packages that include everything you need to get your operation started right the way and start enjoying the benefits of your e-Learning system. Don't worry about configuring the IT systems and start realizing the benefits. Set your corporate learning goals and start measuring against them. We can also work with you to create a world class eLearning environment based on our web services architecture.

Main features E-Learning

For those companies that need to build a first class eLearning system customized to their business needs with a proven architecture and certainty that the system can scale to the desired level, as well as integrate to the institutional systems already in place, the customized system is ideal.

Our professionals will work along with your company to clearly define your needs, and based on this information, elaborate a proposal to develop a system based on the arquitectural framework of SPOCSYS. The result is a customized e-Learning system ready to be leveraged by your company. We have ample experience integrating CMS, LMS, and repositories to fit your business perfectly. 

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